Become A Reseller

We at win.rar GmbH manage the worldwide distribution of RAR software.

We are always looking for qualified resellers to cooperate with.

  • Do you own a software or computer hardware store?
  • Do you like WinRAR?
  • Are you looking for an outstanding product to increase your revenues?

    Start selling WinRAR today!

If you are in the IT business you surely know the benefits of WinRAR.
Why not recommend it to customers you are already dealing with? WinRAR is the perfect add-on to your portfolio of products and services.

By selling WinRAR you can offer your customers added value and generate additional income for your business.

Becoming a reseller is a quite easy.

arrow   You have to promote WinRAR software intensively
arrow   Be open minded for your customers convenience
arrow   Provide offline registration.

More detailed information about our reseller program

  • No need to purchase a minimum amount of licenses within a certain period.
  • No paperwork necessary to sign up; everything will be done online.
  • No physical delivery of licenses necessary; licenses are delivered electronically by email. This means there won't be any extra costs.
  • Normally you will receive the registration keys for your customers within a few hours.
  • Payment options:
    You can pay by CC, Switch/Solo, Bank/Wire Transfer, Check, Cash.

We kindly ask future resellers to answer this application form below.
Once you have been approved, we will provide you with a starter email including a link and a login to enter our reseller database and some specific sales information about WinRAR.