The 2024 RAR Secrets Courses updates are now available online!

The WinRAR How To Team is now offering this updated 12 part RAR Command Line (RCL) online course here.

This introductory course provides continued access, as you learn how to use many of the 100+ commands and switches in RAR.exe.

RCL is then followed by the extended Secrets Course (RSC), for more advanced RAR users, and is available here.

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The first section teaches you how to create your own very useful Windows based multi-line .bat file program apps.

In the second section of the RSC course, you will discover how to use Windows PowerShell to create a much wider range of very useful RAR.exe based projects. You can watch, learn and test the many code examples in your own time and at your own pace, for both personal and business projects.

Also included is download access to the many resources, as well as the .bat and .PS1 project code files - with plenty of reference material to use for optional further study. Throughout the course you will also learn many useful and practical programming hints and tips.

This 5 ¾-hour video-based, 30-lesson online RSC course subscription is for 12 months. Access to all 30 video tutorials is just USD 37.00. Plus, we have a very special RAR 30 years anniversary offer with your Lifetime access to this course!

So do join the 2,600+ RAR users who have already enrolled since the December release!

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