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Don’t miss out on the free RAR Command Line Secrets email course!

Have you ever wanted to go beyond using WinRAR and learn how to customize your own applications? Let me introduce you to RAR.exe; WinRAR's older brother, as it provides an even larger set of commands and switches when compared with WinRAR.exe.

The WinRAR How To Team are now offering free access to their new 13 part email RAR Cmd Line course, that introduces you to RAR's 100+ commands and switches. Making this is the most efficient way you can learn how to create Cmd lines of code from a selection of RAR.exe commands and switches.

This email course starts with very useful information about the four course Bonus sheets, that you then will use as quick references on how to make the best use of the many RAR functions. So that by the end of this course you will have plenty of information to help create your own RAR.exe command line code that you can run with one just click.

This RAR Cmd Line course is the updated introductory section of the original RAR Secrets Course and so is essential for RAR.exe users who want to easily learn to create Cmd code before starting to learn to use the more advanced Windows coding apps. So for quick access to this free email course click here to join us, as this course is starting right now!

This RCL email course will then be followed by the more advanced RAR Secrets Course that launches in early 2023. As RSC is currently being updated it will then follow on from the above RCL course. First it teaches you how to create your own very useful, Windows based .bat file multi line program apps. Then in the second part of the RSC course you will learn how to use Windows Powershell to create a much wider range of very useful RAR.exe based projects, for use in both business and home projects.

This RSC course also provides access to your Private Members Area, as there you will watch each of the 30+ 10 minute video tutorials at your own pace, in your own time. Plus it also provides download access to your choice of the many resources, including the project files and all the reference material for further study. Throughout this course you will also learn, and can share, many useful and practical programming hints and tips.

For more information about the full RAR Secrets Course, click here, by providing your first and last names and your best email address, you will be on the RSC priority list, before it opens to the public.

The WinRAR How To Team will then contact you in the new year, with full details on how to enroll as an RSC Member. Of course your data will not be shared with any third-parties as per the GDPR.