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Did you know that WinRAR's RAR.exe has hidden talents that few know how to use?

The WinRARHowTo team is now updating the 'RAR Command Line Secrets' training course. There you will learn how to use RAR.exe to create and automate your choice of time-saving Windows-based mini-apps.

We start with discovering the RAR functions, then learn to use them with Windows Command Line, before moving on to creating Batch file mini-apps. In the sixth video, we have now included a section on how to use RAR with PowerShell. You will discover many useful hints and tips along the way.

The course will give you access to the Private Members Area, where you can download recordings and different resources. There you will also find quick reference sheets for all RAR Command Line functions and our discussion board.

Go to now for more information about this affordable course, enter your name and email address and we will add you to the Priority List, before it opens to the public.

The team will contact you before the course starts, with details on how to enroll as a Priority Member.

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