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WinRAR 5.21 Beta 2 released

Now by default WinRAR skips symbolic links with absolute paths in link target when extracting. You can enable creating such links with "Allow absolute paths in symbolic links" option...[more]


WinRAR 5.21 Beta 1 released

"Drag and drop context menu" options in "Settings/Integration/ Context menu items" dialog allow to disable WinRAR archiving and extraction commands in context menu displayed...[more]


WinRAR 5.20 final released!

New feature improvements for Windows User Account Control and further enhancements in usability and compatibility in the new version. Berlin, 2nd December 2014 — win.rar GmbH and RARLAB.COM are pleased to announce the...[more]


WinRAR 5.20 Beta 4 released

Bugs fixed: "Extract each archive to separate folder" context menu command did not work properly and extracted all files to same folder ...[more]


WinRAR 5.20 Beta 3 released

Bugs fixed: "Extract relative paths" option was ignored and full pathname was created when extracting a file from ZIP archive to a folder ...[more]


WinRAR 5.20 Beta 2 released

"Create WinRAR.ini file" command in "Export/Import" submenu of "Options" menu creates a new WinRAR.ini file and copies WinRAR...[more]


WinRAR 5.20 Beta 1 released

If Windows User Account Control prevents extracting or archiving commands to create files in system protected folders, WinRAR attempts to start its another copy...[more]

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