The final version of WinRAR 5.20 is ready for download!

New feature improvements for Windows User Account Control and further enhancements in usability and compatibility in the new version. Berlin, 2nd December 2014 — win.rar GmbH and RARLAB.COM are pleased to announce the...[more]


WinRAR 5.20 Beta 4 released

Bugs fixed: "Extract each archive to separate folder" context menu command did not work properly and extracted all files to same folder ...[more]


WinRAR 5.20 Beta 3 released

Bugs fixed: "Extract relative paths" option was ignored and full pathname was created when extracting a file from ZIP archive to a folder ...[more]


WinRAR 5.20 Beta 2 released

"Create WinRAR.ini file" command in "Export/Import" submenu of "Options" menu creates a new WinRAR.ini file and copies WinRAR...[more]


WinRAR 5.20 Beta 1 released

If Windows User Account Control prevents extracting or archiving commands to create files in system protected folders, WinRAR attempts to start its another copy...[more]


The final version of WinRAR 5.11 is here and ready for download

Berlin, 1st of September 2014 — win.rar GmbH and RARLAB.COM are proud to present the latest update for the world's leading compression and archive management software: WinRAR 5.11. "By providing regular updates, we...[more]


WinRAR 5.11 Beta 1 released

WinRAR can unpack TAR archives containing folders with pax extended headers. Previous versions failed to unpack them. "Keep broken files" extraction option is supported for 7-Zip archives. Bugs fixed: ...[more]

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