WinRAR 5.61 Beta 1 released

"Delete archive" extraction option deletes all volumes even if user started extraction from non-first RAR volume, but first volume is present and all files are unpacked successfully. In such...[more]


The final version of WinRAR 5.60 comes with a fresh look and several enhancements in usability!

Berlin, 26th June 2018 – win.rar GmbH and RARLAB.COM are pleased to announce the final release of WinRAR 5.60. The result of the continuous development is a multi-functional, user-friendly software with an intuitive interface...[more]


WinRAR 5.60 Beta 5 released

WinRAR failed to unpack ZIP archives created by RAR for Android and encrypted with non-English passwords. Fixed now. This fix should also work for archives created by other ZIP tools ...[more]


WinRAR 5.60 Beta 4 released

WinRAR failed to unpack some ZIP archives compressed with PPMd algorithm.   WinRAR entry in Windows Start menu uses Desktop as a start folder, so Desktop...[more]


WinRAR 5.60 Beta 3 released

"Put each file to separate archive" option always appends the archive format extension to archiving file extension. So filename.ext is archived to filename.ext.rar instead of...[more]


WinRAR 5.60 Beta 2 released

"Extra large buttons" option in "Settings/General" selects 64x48 toolbar buttons.   "Restart" option is added to "Advanced/When done" list in archiving...[more]


WinRAR 5.60 Beta 1 released

We updated WinRAR graphics.   We are grateful to http://weirdsgn.com and http://icondesignlab.com designers participated in this endeavor and proud to announce that ...[more]

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