How do I Open a RAR File?


In order to extract or open a RAR file using WinRAR, you must first open the required archive in WinRAR. This can be achieved in one of several ways:

  • Simply double-click or press Enter on the archive name. If WinRAR was associated with archives during installation (the default installation option), the archive will be opened in WinRAR. You also may associate WinRAR with archives after installation using the Integration settings dialog.
  • double-click or press Enter on the archive name in the WinRAR window.
  • drag-and-drop an archive to the WinRAR icon or window. Before doing this ensure that WinRAR does not already display another archive, otherwise the dropped archive will be added to the currently displayed archive.
  • open WinRAR and choose the Wizard option in the WinRAR toolbar. Choose the option "Unpack an archive" and follow the step-by-step instructions.
  • open WinRAR from the command line with a single parameter - the archive name.
  • right-click on the archive and select "Open with WinRAR" from the dropdown menu.

When an archive is opened in WinRAR, its contents are displayed. Select the files and folders, which should be extracted (opened).

Having selected one or more files, click the "Extract To" button at the top of the WinRAR window. Enter the destination folder (where you want the folder to be saved to) in the dialog box and click OK. This dialog box also offers a few advanced options.

During the extraction process, a window will be displayed showing the operation statistics. If you wish to break the extraction process, click on the "Cancel" button in the command window. You may also press the "Background" button to minimize the WinRAR window and allow the extraction to continue in the background. If the extraction is completed without error, WinRAR will return to the shell mode (GUI). In case of an error, a Diagnostic message window will be displayed.

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