Using WinRAR In The Healthcare Sector

Healthcare providers must store and protect extremely sensitive data, making them major targets for data thieves. The consequences of data breaches for healthcare providers can be disastrous. WinRAR protects files with the highest level of encryption, securing files against accidental modification or viewing by third parties. The centralized administrative controls allow security protocols to be implemented at all stages.

The Importance Of Data Protection

Healthcare providers store mountains of personal information about individuals. This is some of the most personal information for an organisation to store. This data must be kept safe and secure and adhere to strict regulations such as the HIPAA, GDPR and HITECH. Add into the mix, the routine undertaking of audits and it’s clear to see that potential security breaches could happen.

With ransomware and malware attacks becoming more common and more sophisticated, the data that healthcare providers store, should, at the very minimum, be encrypted. Preventing access to data that contains a multitude of Personal Health Information (PHI) is the first action to be taken to minimise the risk of a data leak.

Even if the files can be located, the information contained inside them should not be available to anyone without authorization or the correct encryption key.

What Should Be Encrypted?

  • Securely Store Healthcare Records

    These are often held in huge databases, and need to be easily accessible. Healthcare records should be encrypted before they are stored in databases, on portable devices or in the cloud. All hard drives should be fully encrypted, so that in the event that one is lost or stolen, the data cannot be compromised.
  • Securely Store Clinical Data

    Numerous research and clinical trials are conducted by healthcare institutions each year and this information can be very valuable to hacker, foreign governments or competing research centres. They may want to steal the patents or the intellectual property connected to ongoing projects. This data, should also be encrypted with AES 256-bit FIPs compliant encryption software.
  • Securely Transfer Medical Information & Patient Records

    Thousands of files containing sensitive healthcare records and patient information are shared within and between different healthcare providers every day. Protecting this data during transit is easy with the use of a trusted encryption tool.

How To Protect Healthcare Data

STAFF EDUCATION – ensure that the chosen encryption and file archiving software is user-friendly and simple to implement on the whole network.

RESTRICT ACCESS – administrators should have full control over who has access to the stored data, narrowing the chance of a data leak.

LOG & MONITOR USE – it is essential to know how and when data is being accessed. Time-stamping files and setting regular data back-ups is mandatory.

ENCRYPT ALL DATA – using an encryption tool for transferring and sending data files and storing data at rest is paramount to prevent sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

SECURE ALL MOBILE DEVICES – so much data is stored on portable devices these days, that it is essential that all files and hard drives are fully encrypted to prevent modification or data breaches.

REGULAR BACK UPS – regularly backing up data is a crucial job for all IT departments and administrators. Managing software upgrades and preventing bugs, aids in disaster recover, should a system malfunction occur.

How Can WinRAR Help In The Healthcare Sector?

Encrypt file and archive names with WinRAR’s AES 256-bit, FIPS compliant, data encryption technology. This ensures that it is virtually impossible to guess the contents of the files that contain all of that sensitive data.

Cloud and mobile storage and transfer between departments is secure and safe.

Administrator commands provide organisations with the control needed when storing, sharing and accessing data. WinRAR’s password manager comes built-in and helps users better manage the passwords required to prevent sensitive data from unauthorized access.

The time-stamp function hands further control to administrators, storing the exact time that archives were modified and showing who accessed the data. Used alongside WinRAR’s back up feature and the Lock Archive option, it is easy to prevent accidental modification of files.

WinRAR’s Recovery Record helps to restore damaged archives. If used in conjunction with other anti-virus tools, WinRAR has the ability to scan files and alert users to malicious content contained within them, before the contents of the archives have been unpacked.

25 years’ experience gives WinRAR the edge over the competition. Its reputation as one of the most used and trusted compression and encryption tools on Windows makes it the top choice for those working within the Healthcare Sector. Constant improvements, a professional Sales & Support team and compliancy with all privacy regulations including the GDPR and HIPAA, WinRAR makes it easy for healthcare professionals to safeguard sensitive data.


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