How WinRAR Can Be Used By Developers

A Brief Introduction To WinRAR

WinRAR is a data compression and archiving tool. It can compress data into smaller, more

manageable archives saving space and making them easier to share online or via email.WinRAR also acts as a virtual filing cabinet, storing files in one place in easy to access archives.

WinRAR archives can be encrypted and password protected to secure them against accidental modification.

WinRAR was developed by Eugene Roshal (Roshal Archive), and with its initial release in 1995, it is the original data compression and extraction tool, used by over 500 million users worldwide.

WinRAR has a loyal following and is one of the most popular and trusted compression utilities on the Windows platform.

WinRAR is officially known as trialware, providing users with a 40-day trial period.

After the 40 days, a license must be purchased to continue using WinRAR.

Integration Possibilities

Software developers need useful tools that are easily integrated into environments and existing programs. Tools that make their lives simpler and more streamlined. Flexibility is the key, and choosing software that can be efficiently integrated is the first thing that developers look for when choosing programs to assist them with projects and ideas.

Data protection and security is big business. Developing tools that can assist both the public and the private sector can be a game changer in the fight against cyber-crime and the prevention of data leaks.

Companies, government agencies and other public and private institutions require software that is easy to use, simple to manage and offers excellent security for storing and sending sensitive information.

How Can WinRAR Help Developers?

WinRAR & RARLAB have been working for over 25 years to develop a tool that can be utilized by novice and more sophisticated users.

For developers, WinRAR’s Command Line function can be used to run and write scripts, automating processes, such as unpacking and repacking files, checking them for malicious content, repairing damaged archives, file conversion and other, more sophisticated operations.

Over at the RARLAB website, developers can find numerous resources that are available for them to use with RAR software, assisting them with projects and new software development ideas.

Extras like a back-up automation utility, Unrar to easily use RAR on Mac OS, various language files and many other add-ons that can be used by developers.

Using WinRAR’s Recovery Record can help to restore damaged archives and used along with existing anti-virus tools, WinRAR can scan files and archives for malicious content before the contents have been unpacked onto users’ computers. Automating this process can save time and prevent costly security leaks.

In particular, for IT departments who need to develop systems for use in large organisations, WinRAR’s administration function provides complete control over how, where, when and who has access to data and archives. Security protocols are easily implemented with this function, helping companies, agencies and other institutions to stay compliant with the various regulations and also helping to prevent unnecessary data breaches.

WinRAR is one of the most popular and most trusted applications on the market, and with more than 25 years’ experience and a dedicated Sales & Support Team, it is one of the many tools that software Developers often return to time and time again.